Monday, March 10, 2014

Escape From Poverty: Editing and Graphic Design

ByJRochelle provides a wide array of media production services including graphic animation, video production, and photography. The bulk of our time here at ByJRochelle for the past 4 months has centered on editing life skills classes for Escape From Poverty. Escape From Poverty seeks to "ignite a national movement inspiring people to break through racial and socioeconomic barriers so they will engage the impoverished in an effort to help them achieve success". We have appreciated involvement in this project and can't wait to see how the community is changed as the participants in this program implement the tools in these life changing classes.


The EFP team filmed these life skills classes in Lafayette, LA at Acadiana Open Channel. ByJRochelle has animated graphics and edited the classes remotely and now the life skills classes Curricula is available for sale! If you have filmed footage and now wonder what next, feel free to contact ByJRochelle. We will help you organize the footage and create videos that help you get your organization's message across!