Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Captured Event

Captured ByJRochelle

In celebration of Keturah’s 30th birthday, the invited guests received curb-side service. 

Guests sipped on an exclusive Apple Martini provided by LaTosha Neveu Fraley of Neveu...The Social Secretary

Frocked in their kimonos courtesy of Mulan (and gifts from the birthday diva) the ladies headed to Crave Sushi, where Meghan took care of the group.

LaTosha Neveu Fraley led the guests in heartfelt toasts, gift opening, and song.

Crave provided an exclusive menu and a private area for the guests to enjoy.

Dessert was this beautiful themed cake courtesy of

Captured ByJRochelle

Monday, August 8, 2011

Because You Are Young

1 Timothy 4:12

Unfortunately we have reached an age where adults have decided not to hold young people responsible for their own actions. When a "child" commits a crime, disobeys rules, disrespects, elders, the like "we" have decided not to hold him or her accountable. A friend who teaches in the local school system told me that administrators to her not to admonish students for cursing or talking back. When a child steals or does not show up to school, the parents are punished. This allows children to grow up learning that there is always someone else to blame for his or her actions. What happens when these same children become the adults?

As the lyricist writes, I believe the children are our future. Unfortunately we are not teaching them well. What's even more tragic is that in the future they will have to lead the way because they will be the adults.

In the scripture, Paul instructs Timothy to not allow others to look down on him because he is young AND commands him to set an example in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. Paul says in a nutshell that a person's physical age is not necessarily an indication of his level of maturity. Further more, physical age SHOULD NOT be a factor in submission to a legitimate authority figure, as Timothy.

Let's stop teaching our young people to pass blame around. Teach them what is right and hold them accountable when they do something different.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What's In A Name

What’s In a Name?
Jeanicia Rochelle Elder’s business gained its inception in 1997 when she declared her love for all things media. Since then she has moonlighted for several companies including: Acadiana Open Channel, The Bridge Ministry of Acadiana, and several Houston area churches. Only this year did she did she take the plunge to enter the business world.
ByJRochelle is a multi-media creation company specializing in graphics, video production [for web, television, and mass presentation]. ByJRochelle uses creativity to get your message across while remaining sensitive to the image of your company. You can visit our temporary website to view work samples. Before I introduce you the work, let me answer a question fan, Derix Dugan: Why ByJRochelle?

9 years ago when I met the man who I eventually married you always found me creating something. At the time we met, it was clothes. My grandmother taught me to sew; I eventually acquired a sewing machine with which I would make gifts for friends and family. Gregory randomly suggested that I create my own line of clothing called, yep you guessed it, J Rochelle. When Gregory and I rekindled our friendship, he began to encourage me to harness my talents. Although people continually told me all along that I did excellent work and recommended me to other people, I never thought that I could be a business. Gregory motivated me to not wait for someone to hire me, and hire myself. It reminded me of “J Rochelle”. As our relationship grew I started to seek alternate outlets for my creative talents and created an online portfolio, aptly titled JRochelle Media Productions.
A few months ago, I created a Facebook page to generate fans and create a temporary place to display my work. Once you get so many fans, you have the option of creating an official name. With the help of my husband I started to brainstorm possible ideas. He thought the title of my temporary portfolio , “J. Rochelle Media Productions” and even the title of my photography division, “Captured By J. Rochelle” were too long. I wanted to pick a name that communicated the vastness of my work. Finally, Gregory said, “ByJRochelle”! It was perfect. I like the idea that the name does not limit my business, because when you see “ByJRochelle” you never know exactly what it will be: a video, graphics, pictures, a resume. The possibilities are endless.
I am anxious to begin this leg of my journey and I hope that I get a chance to help you get your message across. Please visit my facebook page and my temporary portfolio. Don’t forget to click like and let me know you stopped by.