Thursday, June 28, 2012

Up a Tree Without a Camera

Have you ever found yourself up a tree, wishing  a friend was there with you to snap a picture? Ummm maybe that's just me, TheJRochelle of ByJRochelle. ByJRochelle clients brave the elements to get the right shot and I think they have as much fun as I do...well I hope they do!

As a child I climbed trees with my cousins and I guess that started my arbor height obsessions. If you are a tree-hugger like me, schedule your ByJRochelle session up a tree and never be caught without a camera again!

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting a local English teacher [with camera]. It took him a couple of tries, but like Miley Cyrus sang, it "ain't about how fast I get's the climb". Mr. Busby would promptly correct Miley's English of course, but either way he loads of fun and a natural.

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