Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picturing Your Pet

Did you know that ByJRochelle captures pets?!? Pets fill important positions in families today so why not show the world your love by decorating your spaces pictures of your pets!

Not ready to pay for a pet session yet? Well our ByJRochelle photographers graciously compiled a list of tips on photographing pets! Pets, unlike humans, do not always understand pose requests and the beauty that you see may elude  the camera!

You know your pet better than anyone so try to capture him/her in his/her natural environment doing what comes naturally! Capture your lazy pet yawning, capture your playful pet pouncing, capture your daring pet leaping tall couches in a single bound! most importantly focus on the eyes; eyes can tell a story. Use natural light and keep the eyes sharp. A flash burst can cause red-eye and frighten the animal. The fear will paint an inaccurate picture of your pet and take away from his/her natural character. Be sure to capture your pet's details. Get up close and personal to highlight the texture of the fur or the nuances in color of the nose. Let your pet play quietly and capture those moments. If you use these tips you'll capture a little magic every time.