Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Do I FGI? [Campaign]

David Peck said it best in a recent interview with ByJRochelle in collaboration with Jaxon E&P for The Fashion Group International of Houston Inc. (FGI) The earlier you start the earlier you get ahead. I guess you can say I got a late start because I didn't know about Fashion Group International when I was a student but I'm fortunate to know about it now! 
"The earlier you start, the earlier you get ahead
and FGI really offers so many opportunities
to get ahead early."

This global non-profit organization seeks to help people in the apparel, accessory, beauty and home fashion industries become more effective in their careers. To achieve that goal, FGI provides insights on trends, access to business professionals, and a gateway to the influence fashion plays in the market place.
"There's a huge community [in Houston] that supports young designers."
-Chloe Dao

I want to help students and professionals get involved in FGI so I have partnered with Keith and Cherise Luter of Jaxon E&P to interview members of FGI Houston. So far, we have interviewed Stacey Swift, PR Manager at Neiman Marcus (Houston) Galleria, Chloe Dao of Dao by Chloe Dao, legendary Houston designer Kay King, and David Peck of David Peck Collections!
"If you are working in fashion or the beauty
industries and even in interior designs in Houston and you're not a member of FGI you're really missing getting to know your competition!"
-Kay King

Here is Stacey Swift's released video.

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