Monday, September 30, 2013

Finding Time For Fashion

Finding the Inner Me is a non-profit organization based in the Houston area aimed at empowering women in EVERY stage of life. They do this by organizing quarterly events featuring exciting themes! Currently, these events take place at central locations, however, the organization is working toward owning a facility that not only houses these events but provides services year-round. The latest event was Finding Time for Fashion. The event featured make-up artists, fashion tips, refreshments, vendors, and a skit to kick off the event!
Deloris Madison Production put on a sketch that pointed out that many times women don't find time for fashion. Even though there is a party called life going on, they sit at home in unflattering gowns and head scarves until they begin to associate that "look" with their character. In reality, it doesn't take much to find time for fashion, but when you do it is one way that you show love to yourself. Following this opening,
Board Member Michelle Kinchen emceed the event setting the tone for the dynamic speakers.
Thecia Jenkins, founder of Bold Profession Seminars and Consulting, encouraged women to define their fashion rather than allowing fashion to define them. She said that women use fashion as a mask because they fear vulnerability. She encouraged the group to embrace vulnerability and to take care not to define another woman's character by her fashion.
Suptuous Sulay, CEO of The Ultimate Dressing Room pointed out that style means choosing items that you can rock with confidence. Those things don't have to cost a lot of money; her fabulous ensemble came from Target! Lisa Amosu, owner of My Trendy Place, talked about choosing what you can. She has worked closely with cancer patients and cancer survivors who couldn't choose certain things (hair, breasts, etc...) so she knows how painful it can be to focus on what you don’t get to choose. Consequently, she pointed out that there are so many other things that you can choose! Women can choose control, accessories, makeup, and most importantly, confidence! She helped a few
women choose 1 or all of the aforementioned “options” and led them to display their choices!

Barbara Benjamin, senior sales director of Mary Kay Cosmetics, discussed the importance of skincare. She said that even if a woman chooses not to wear makeup, she should at least use a moisturizer and/or sunscreen. Healthy skin is always in and no matter what you put on, your skin is the first thing that people see.
Throughout the event, vendors were on sight selling jewelry, baby clothes, makeup, and other novelties. Additionally, during each break, raffle tickets were drawn and several women left the event with a new pair of shoes! This event offered something for all women of all ages one of the male vendors even got on the fun! Everyone left this event feeling empowered and encouraged to find time 4 fashion because that’s a synonym for finding time for you!


  1. Love it. Each event leaves me in awe

  2. I can't wait for this milestone of Finding The Inner ME...

  3. It was indeed a Great event. My mother loves going to these events :)