Friday, January 10, 2014


You own your own small business and you have a great meeting with a potential client. This person seems interested so you type up a proposal that summarizes everything that the two of you talked about and then anxiously wait for a response. Finally, the answer to your proposal arrives and this person asks for a discount!  Fight that nagging temptation to oblige and say no!

Discounting rates sets a bad precedent with the client. If you flake on your rate, the client will want to negotiate everything. If this person actually sticks around, you may end up haggling over every project. What's worse, you may start to resent the client for paying less than you are worth. This can be worse if this is an associate.

Don’t devalue yourself by charging less than you are worth. Thomas Paine once said that which we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly. A person who fails to see your value also fails to esteem you. Quite frankly, asking for a discount is blatant disrespect. This disrespect can lead to several terrible outcomes. The most tangible negative outcome is financial distress. As a business owner you want to earn a living and accepting a lower rate could ruin your reputation and may cause financial problems for you.  

Let's face it, the more someone pays for advice or a project, the more they tend to value those services. It's up to you to know your value; don't let anyone put a price tag on you. You worked hard to obtain your experience and your credentials. Don't do business with someone who wants to discount the thing that makes you the unique person that you are. You were born to make a one-of-a kind impact on this world.

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