Friday, April 6, 2018

Time Is Valuable

Today a client requested a location change and then cancelled her appointment.

In general, it reflects badly upon you when you say to someone you plan to do something, then CHOOSE not to do it. This could result in adversely affecting relationships and, possibly, you no longer having any future appointments to keep.

In this client's defense she was at a doctor's appointment that I assume (giving her the benefit of the doubt) lasted longer than she anticipated. Then the evil woman on my shoulder says, but we made this appointment over 2 months ago. Either way I feel disrespected because she wasted my time.

Time is more valuable than money. Each day has only 24 hours - nobody has any more than anyone else. Every minute is unique and can never be regained. I used time shopping for props, testing lights, and even communicating with this person that won't be returned to me so I sit here attempting to figure out what I gained from this cancelled appointment.

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